We deal with all the activities involved with an event, from the creative and conception phase, passing from the executive to the post-event one. We coordinate a team of industry experts and we rely on the collaboration of the most established external professionals, always with the guarantee of high standards of performance in each event and manifestation. Our experience in the field and our know-how are our added value that you can hardly find elsewhere.

Our in-house team deals with above and below the line communication, in a mix of digital and offline that is the real key to reaching your diverse audience today. We internally develop and select the creativity for each event and collaborate with the best professionals in the area in the development of high quality multimedia materials. We have been published by the most important national and international newspapers in the sector.

Our skill is to create events for cultural projects able to combine entertainment and cultural promotion. We have collaborated with municipalities and institutions in delivering projects in support of culture and sustainability on a small and large scale.

We personally take care of all the production of our events, from the technical aspect (audio, visual and operational) to the logistics and hospitality of the artists who perform at our events. We are all united in one goal, to make your event relevant in all its aspects.

We have a decade of experience in promoting national, European and international artists. We are one of the landmarks in Italy for booking agencies, management, partners and sponsors in the world of music, entertainment and visual arts.

Given our presence on the Italian territory for more than ten years, we know managers and locations with whom we have a privileged professional relationship, committing ourselves in the front line to limit as much as possible bureaucracy and support our clients and the environment around us.